Extra Vergine di oliva, tradizione del Ponente Ligure

About us

In the early 1900’s our family began producing olive-oil in Trucco, a little village in the Roya Valley situated in the foothills above Ventimiglia.

During the early years the oil was produced with our own water driven oil-mill, using millstones and a wood press: we still obtained a considerable quantity of high quality oil for the local market.

From that time on, always animated by our great enthusiasm, we have improved and refined the production process of extra virgin olive-oil.

In 1948 Giovanni Battista Gaziello moved to the current location in Ventimiglia and here he opened an oil-mill with an electronic actuator, increasing both direct sale and mail-order selling.

In 1986 his son Giorgio, thanks to the sure art of combining tradition and new technologies, carried out a real technological revolution and a productive development: the olive-oil is now extracted by direct centrifugation of the olive paste, strictly by cold squeezing, in order to protect the quality of this noble product.

The oil, during the whole production cycle, is always in contact with stainless steel surfaces, to ensure we meet the maximum hygiene regulations.

At present, the production of our extra virgin olive-oil arises from a secular tradition and a careful selection of olives picked by hand gathering at an altitude from 200 and 500 meters above sea-level, and from new techniques.